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Land Asset Investment, LLC


Land Asset Management LLC | Investing Managing and Maintaining


Land Asset Investment, LLC (LAI) is a fully integrated property investment, property maintenance and property management firm. LAI is a brand synonymous with excellence in both commercial and residential real estate.


LAI has a diverse and innovative service line filled with several types of investment opportunities, property maintenance programs and property management programs to fit your assets needs.


We look at all property as a asset, treating each as if it was our own investment. Owning property in Northern Illinois, where weather changes through out the year, requires constant maintenance and management in order to keep property values stable or increasing.


LAI focuses on services that keeps your investment well maintained and efficiently managed anywhere in the Western Chicagoland area.


We provide investors, landlords, homeowners and business owners a service that keeps a property at or above market value. Understanding our markets and identifying the new sector trends when they emerge has always been a key factor in our success.


Land Asset Investment, LLC knows there is no other investment quite like real estate where you can instantly add value just by using a few simple techniques. Proper Management and maintenance are key!



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